They Heard the Historical Development of Museology in Turkey from Denizli Museum Director Nail Uyar


Pamukkale University (PAU) Tourism Faculty students came together with Denizli Museum Director Nail Uyar, Archaeologist Fatma Tavlı and Restorator Esma İvrendi Şenol at the conference.

Nail Uyar, Director of Denizli Museum; gave information about the Historical Development of Museology in Turkey, Registered Cultural Heritage in Denizli and rescue excavations within Denizli Museum Directorate. Denizli Museum Directorate Specialist Archaeologist Fatma Tavlı; provided information about the way the artifacts come to the museums and the museums affiliated to the Denizli Museum Directorate, as well as museum officials and their duties. Esma İvrendi Şenol, Restorator of Denizli Museum Directorate; gave detailed information on the restoration and conservation of movable artifacts belonging to the Denizli Museum.

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