The First "Philosophy Camp for Children" Exhibition Held in Turkey at PAU


Within the scope of “My Journey to Learning by Thinking, Dreaming and Learning Philosophy Camp for Children” Project supported by TÜBİTAK 4004 Nature and Science Schools, the works of forty 4th grade students, prepared as part of various workshops, were presented at the exhibition held at Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Education.

In the workshops of creative writing, fairy tale completion, acrostic (poetry), philosophy for children, visual arts, mosaic, little philosophers, yoga, orf and drama, in which fourth grade students participated for five days, adapted trainings were given with "Philosophy Pedagogy for Children". The works prepared by two groups of students were exhibited in the workshops, and the instructors and students involved in this project were awarded their certificates. The closing ceremony, which took place on September 10 with the participation of Osman Aydın Primary School students, was attended by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Gülözge Türköz, Pamukkale District National Education Director Mehmet Çimen, branch managers, faculty members and students.

Dr. Kökten: “Philosophy is the basis of every field.”

Project Manager Dr. Hasret Kökten stated the following: “Philosophy pedagogy for children is a new learning method in Turkey. In the project, it is aimed to give children the ability to develop a critical perspective, to be creative, and to think systematically in a collaborative way, together with phenomena such as instilling the ability to think about philosophical concepts, questioning and developing abstract skills. We also want to claim that this study is an interdisciplinary study. Therefore, we aim to develop children's cognitive skills in many areas by integrating all areas.” 

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