The 67-Year-Old Man Receives Diploma with His Grandson


2021-2022 Academic Year Graduation Ceremonies at Pamukkale University continue with all the excitement. On the second day of the ceremonies, the students of the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Denizli Vocational School of Technical Sciences experienced the joy of graduation.

Ali Rıza Ege, 67, who graduated from the Faculty of Education, Department of Painting Education, received his diploma by taking the stage with his grandson. Expressing his feelings and thoughts, Ali Rıza Ege, a graduate of PAU, said: “My second university after 'Life University' was Pamukkale University. In fact, I had won the Painting Department of September 9th University in my youth. But at that time, I couldn't study because of the right-left conflict. I've been painting since I was born, painting is my passion. I had a good academic year. I would like to thank my wife, all my teachers, my grandchildren and my friends." 

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