PAU Piooneers Another Area: Medical Specialization Trial Exam (TUDS)


Pamukkale University broke a new ground in its region. Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine held the 'Medical Specialization Trial' by keeping participation open to all its students.

The Medical Specialization Trial was carried out for the first time on July 6, 2022 at Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine. President of the Medical Specialization Trial Examination (TUDS) Board and In his statement about the trial exam, PAU Vice Rector Prof. Dr.  Selçuk Yüksel noted that a staff of 30 faculty members from almost every branch carried out the trial exam consisting of carefully formed questions and that this exam was an important stage for our students to test themselves.

PAU Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Melek Bor Küçükatay said, “It is aimed to receive applications from all Medical Faculty students and graduates of our country in the coming periods for the trial exams, which are planned to be traditionalized and to be held twice a year, as in the actual Medical Specialization Exam (TUS)."

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