Goalball National Team Wins the Gold Medal


Our Goalball Women's National Team, which includes Pamukkale University (PAU) student Şeydanur Kaplan, won the gold medal by defeating the USA 9-2 in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games final.

Goalball Women's National Team, which held a match with the USA in the final of the 2020 Paralympic Games held in Tokyo, won the gold medal by winning 9-2. The Goalball Women's National Team, consisting of PAU student Şeydanur Kaplan, as well as Kader Çelik, Sevda Altunoluk, Sevtap Altunoluk, Reyhan Yılmaz and Fatma Gül Güler, became the Paralympic champion for the second time in a row after the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Goalball Women's National Team had its only defeat in the group matches against the USA with a score of 4-3. Defeating Japan with a score of 7-1 in the first match, the national team defeated Brazil 8-4 and competed with Australia in the quarter-finals. The national team, which won the quarter-finals by 10-6, eliminated Japan, with which it matched in the semi-finals, with a score of 8-5 and made its mark in the final.

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