Invites PAU Students to Collaborate

09.09.2023, one of the companies within Pamukkale Technocity, a social content platform and new media initiative that turns information into entertainment in the digital world, invites PAU students to produce and share content within its organization.

Hüseyin Eratalay, founder of platform and Digital Content Producer, shared the following information about dergiCE: "We are in pre-incubation as a start-up project at Pamukkale Technocity. As we move towards corporatization, we aim to establish a dynamic team that wants to produce content in their own profiles. Again, thanks to the content production training, you can produce content professionally even if you start from scratch. As with every platform, dergiCE has certain standards for written, visual, audio and viral content. Unfortunately, content that does not meet the magazine standards is not published and sent back for revision. Thus, we strive to produce content in the magazine concept as much as we can. Our aim is to increase the number of sources in Turkish, to prevent disinformation and to memorize the concept of academic Turkish. Those who want to do researcher writing and those who want to specialize in Photoshop are invited to the dergiCE content platform, download our application from the AppStore and PlayStore, reach us on social media accounts and follow us."

As a user-oriented site, dergiCE aims to be more useful in terms of prestige and personal branding for people whose primary goal is to invest in their personal development. Everyone can be their own teacher, complete the training by researching, leave their application with a sample content and then join dergiCE. Those who want to share content on Dergice can complete the free content producer training and produce content on their own profiles. Anyone with more than fifteen content can receive a free certificate of achievement and a verified account.

The conditions sought for content producers are as follows; People who have a good command of Turkish, know grammar rules well, are good at Photoshop and trust their visual intelligence, can explain their sentences with pictures, have a strong sense of humor, have a researcher / curious personality, and can create awareness with impressive content.

For teammates who will work within the organization; content editor, video editing and montage, voice actor, graphic designer, social media manager are sought. It is waiting for applications from anyone who is prone to teamwork, open to learning, planned and disciplined.

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