Career Conference Held at Bekilli Vocational School


DOSBİL Computer Company Manager Mustafa Kaygın was hosted at the 'Career Conferences' organized by PAU Bekilli Vocational School (MYO) within the framework of University - Industry cooperation.

DOSBİL Computer Company Manager Mustafa Kaygın, who gave information about career, business life and goals to the students at the conference, underlined that success is not accidental. Saying that especially successful people set big goals for themselves and that there are different purposes that they want to achieve in their big goals, Kaygın stated that there may be some who do not realize the goals set, and that this should not distract people from their goal, and in such a situation, the important thing is to learn from every negativity and continue on the road. Talking about his own life story and experiences; he told the young people how he got to these stages. By answering the questions of the students, he enlightened the youth about their career and business life.

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