Cancer Week Activities Continue at PAU Hospital


The last of the activities held in PAU Hospital due to Cancer Awareness Week was held at the 5th Floor training hall. Medical Oncology Department Head Prof. Dr. Gamze Gököz Doğu and Dept. of and Public Health faculty member Nurhan Meydan Acımış explained the symptoms and treatment modalities of cancer for nurses and healthcare professionals.

Raising awareness about cancer in the society and disseminating cancer screenings are undoubtedly the most effective methods in the fight against cancer. In our country, screening is carried out in KETEM centers for three types of cancer recommended by the World Health Organization. Within the scope of our National Cancer Screening program and the breast cancer screening program in women; it is recommended to give counseling to perform breast self-examination (BSE) once a month from the age of 20, and clinical breast examination once a year. In addition, mammography is performed every 2 years for women between the ages of 40-69.

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