Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Treatments Continue at PAU Hospital


PAU Hospital Dermatology Dept. Faculty Member Dr. Hülya Cenk made statements about botulinum toxin treatments and its various aspects.

Is it possible to look better as you age?

With aging, which is a natural process, facial fat pads, ligaments shift downwards, bones undergo deformation, and wrinkles appear on the skin due to the effects of the muscles used in mimicry and sun damage. It is possible to have a younger appearance in the aging process with different procedures for all of these changes.

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin has been used in the treatment of wrinkles for about 40 years. With botulinum toxin, loose type paralysis (partial paralysis) is created in striated muscles that can be moved voluntarily. Wrinkles on the face are in two different forms: the wrinkles that occur during the mimic (dynamic) and the wrinkles that are seen directly when the mimic is not made (static). While dynamic lines can be completely or almost completely removed with botulinum toxin, full or nearly complete healing can be achieved for static lines (lines that have settled over the years) when botulinum toxin applications are combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Is the effect permanent?

After a certain period of time after wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin, muscle functions return.
With the botulinum toxin treatment applied at regular intervals, the transformation of dynamic wrinkles, which are expected to settle over time (with age), into static wrinkles (deep lines, which are the expression of aging), can be delayed. Thus, much better results are expected with fewer cosmetic procedures at older ages.

When does the post-procedure activity start and when does it end?

Activity starts at a minimal level after 24-72 hours at the earliest, full activity is achieved within 14 days. Generally, the effect decreases and disappears after 3 months when first applied, but with repeated applications, the effectiveness continues for 6-8 months, in some cases up to 9 months.
With botulinum toxin, the face can be thinned if the person wants, but there is no swelling or fullness effect on the face, it is not a filling application.
Botulinum toxin applications can be applied in such a way that the mimics and movements are preserved, without affecting the desired muscle groups, even in occupational groups such as movie actors, theater actors, musicians who use their lips, and artists who use their hands.


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