20 Years Later, His Left Eye Opened in PAU Hospital


With the successful surgery of PAU Hospital, Department of Eye Diseases Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Toprak, Research Assistant Dr. Yasin Durkal and his team, the left eye of our patient who applied to our hospital regained his health.

Assoc. Dr. Toprak said: “Our 79-year-old patient, Mustafa Akan, applied to our clinic with the complaint of low vision in his right eye. In the eye examination, the visual level of the right eye was at the level of counting fingers from 1 meter due to intense cataract; It was found that his left eye could only perceive light. Our patient stated that his left eye was closed about 15-20 years ago as a result of a stone hit and he was told that nothing could be done to his left eye. On examination, it was observed that the left pupil did not dilate at all and adhered 360 degrees to the damaged lens fragments (partial cataract). It was explained to our patient and his relatives that the retina was attached to the retina in the eye ultrasonography and that it was possible to see in his left eye with an operation to be performed. Our patient accepted the surgery and with a successful operation that took about half an hour, adhesions were opened, cataract fragments were removed, the visual axis was opened and an artificial intraocular lens was placed. Although we are still in the early postoperative period, the level of vision has reached 30% from the level of seeing only light. At this point, we can summarize it as detecting an eye that has the potential to see and doing what is necessary. In the meantime, we will complete the cataract surgery of his right eye as soon as possible.”

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