The Patient Regains Her Eyes at PAU Hospital


Sude, 16 years old, was admitted to our hospital with the complaints of headache, squinting and visual impairment. She regained her health after the successful surgery of Dr. Emine Şeker Ün and her team.

About the surgery, Dr. Emine Şeker Un made the following statements; Sude is a patient who applied to the external center due to intense headache and blurred vision due to edema in the optic nerves and was referred to us from there. However, since Covid-19 affected her and her family during this time, she waited for the infection to pass before coming to us, and unfortunately, considering that her complaints were due to Covid, her application to our polyclinic was a little late. When she arrived, we found intense edema in both optic nerves and a serious decrease in vision levels, and we hospitalized her. In our next evaluation, together with the pediatric neurology department, we diagnosed that the swelling in the optic nerves was due to pseudotumor cerebri or idiopathic intracranial hypertension disease.  

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