The Conference Hall Named After Melek Sözkesen

The protocol between the Sözkesen Family, which has undertaken the furnishing of the 450-person Conference Hall, which was completed in the Faculty of Education, and PAU, was signed under the chairmanship of Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan. Within the scope of the protocol, the conference hall was named “Melek Sözkesen Conference Hall”.

Rector Kutluhan: “We also receive significant support from our philanthropists”

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan stated the following about the protocol: “The Sözkesen Family undertook the furnishing of the hall, which we will name after Melek Sözkesen. I'm so happy. When I talk to other rectors about university-city cooperation, I feel that they evaluate our case enviously. As Pamukkale University, we receive significant support from our philanthropists as well as the opportunities given to us by our state. One of these benefactors is Mr. Ruhi. For Melek Sözkesen, I believe it is necessary to reiterate a statement that her granddaughter Melek Hanim said. It is a good example to keep alive the names of our great people like Melek Hanim, who graduated from 'the university of life' with a wide vision despite being illiterate. We, as the University, have always said: Denizli is leading! Denizli is in the top 10 in Turkey in arts, sports, culture, industry, science and economy. We, as the University, will work harder. We will use the donations on the spot. We will improve our education quality. We continue to work on how we can make our University better with your donations. In this conference hall, our students, who will mark the future of Turkey and are the guarantee of our future, will be raised. They will shed light on our future. I would like to thank the Sözkesen Family very much and wish them good luck.”

After the speeches, the ceremony ended with the protocol signing.

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