"The 1st Çameli Symposium” Held

Organized by Pamukkale University Çameli Vocational School, “1st Çameli Symposium” started with the opening program held at the Hayri Dev Cultural Center Building.

Çameli Mayor Cengiz Arslan made the opening speech of the program. The program continued with the speeches of PAU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. M. Ensar Yeşilyurt and Çameli District Governor Kübra Eroğlu. After the opening speeches, the members of the symposium executive committee were presented with gifts and plaques for their efforts.

The 2nd and 3rd Day Programs of the Symposium Hosted by Pamukkale University

The second and third day sessions of the Çameli Symposium, which is the first symposium focused on Çameli district, was held at Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yılmaz Congress and Culture Center.

Many valuable researchers from different working disciplines came together in the symposium, which aims to shed light on the scientific studies to be carried out on Çameli in the future and to bring Çameli to the forefront both nationally and internationally.

For detailed information about the symposium: https://www.pau.edu.tr/camelisempozyum/tr

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