Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç Describes Future Anxiety and Methods of Coping With Stress


Pamukkale University (PAU) Vice Rector and Head of the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç gave an online talk on “Future Anxiety and Coping with Stress” organized by Ankara Ostim Technical University.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç said: “People want to feel safe and achieve their goals in the future. In fact, it is an internal force that motivates and activates the individual when the future anxiety is at a reasonable level. Stress is also a force that activates the individual when it is actually at a tolerable level. Life's not stress free. There is always stress in human life. Therefore, it is not possible to completely eliminate stress. The thing to do is to deal with stress. In order to cope with stress, it is first of all necessary to observe oneself about what stresses oneself, what the cognitive basis of the stress is and how s/he reacts. After revealing these, the individual can reduce the stress s/he experiences to a reasonable level, cope with it and turn it into a self-energizing power. Coping with stress encompasses all activities in the individual's life, from nutrition, sleep patterns, work discipline to sports and entertainment.

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