PAU Students Attend 'EU4YouthDays'


The "European Union Youth Days" (EU4YouthDays) event was held in Brussels as part of the "European Youth Year". PAU Career Center and PAU students participated in the event, which was coordinated by the EU Information Center under the umbrella of Denizli Chamber of Industry (DSO).

At the event, Denizli Chamber of Industry EU Information Center Coordinator Cansun Özdülger made a presentation about the EU Information Center. After the presentation, they connected to a Brussels-based program in which the spoken words were translated simultaneously. In the program, Berat Kjamli gave speech on "Entrepreneurship", Kadi Kenk on "Climate Change, Sladjana Petkovic on "Health" and Artur Aheiev on "War and Crisis".

Goal: Increasing Youth's Resilience to Challenges

In addition,  In the discussion section moderated by PAU Career Planning Application and Research Center Deputy Director Res. Assist. Göksal Selahatdin Kelten, the participants were informed about the students' questions about the purpose and activities of Denizli EU Information Center and PAU Career Center.

The current issues in the event, which aims to increase the resilience of young people against difficulties; like pandemic, unemployment, war, climate crisis, migration, economic uncertainty were discussed. In the program, students were given more say, and their own thoughts on the subject were taken as to the resistance to difficulties, the ability to adapt to new conditions depends on which factors, etc.. In addition, it was discussed whether the students felt resilient in the face of the problems and what could be done to be resilient against the problems.
The program ended after sharing the joy of "EGEKAF 2023" with the students, which will be hosted by PAU on 24-25 February 2023 at EGS Congress and Culture Center.

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