Hair Loss is a Treatable Disease


Hair loss is often a worrying complaint. It may occur with complaints such as handfuls of hair loss, the presence of a large number of hairs on the pillow in the morning, loss of volume in the ponytail, baldness, and coin-shaped openings in the hair. PAU Hospitals Department of Dermatology Lecturer Prof. Dr. Nida Gelincik Kaçar made statements about hair loss and its treatments:

The majority of hair loss is due to hair diseases in which the hair follicle is not permanently damaged. This group is called “Non-cicatricial hair loss”. Male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia), telogen effluvium, alopecia areata are the most common diseases in this group. Although male pattern hair loss is very common in men, it can also occur in women.

In men, it is clinically in the form of baldness in the upper region and the diagnosis is easy. It does not result in complete baldness in women and often the anterior scalp line is preserved. The hair follicle gradually regresses, becomes smaller and produces thinner hair in parallel with this, and finally it begins to produce no hair at all. Medical treatments should be started immediately before the disease progresses to the last stage. 

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