Free Skin Cancer Screening from PAU Hospitals

As Pamukkale University Hospitals, one of the centers in the 'Euromelanoma Free Skin Cancer Screening' program held in our country in May this year, our patients were screened for skin cancer.

Early diagnosis can lead to opportunity for recovery

Since skin cancer is in the visible area, it is one of the most detectable, most curable and most treatable types of cancer. However, the lack of awareness in the public causes the opportunity for early diagnosis to be missed. In the light of all this information, “Euromelanoma” was created to emphasize the importance of skin cancer protection and early diagnosis, to encourage early treatment and to share information about them. Founded in 1999 by six Belgian dermatologists (T. Maselis, M. van Daele, C. Pirard, V. del Marmol, B. Richert, and K. de Boulle), Euromelanoma; implemented in many countries, continues to spread throughout the continent and currently includes Turkey. 
Our clinic participates and supports the Euromelanoma campaign this year, as in previous years, in order to benefit from the latest technology with the dermoscope device that provides detailed information about dermatological diseases and can map moles. As Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology, we are proud and happy to take part in such a project. 

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