DSHMYO Faculty Members Visit Nursing Homes for Elderly Care Program Students


Pamukkale University (PAU) Denizli Vocational School of Health Services (DSMYO) Health Care Services Department Elderly Care Program faculty members; Head of Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Selma Vuruşaner, Head of the Program Lect. Büşra Değirmenciler, Lect. Bengisu Belirdi Özkurt and Lect. Şeref Duhan Altuğ made important visits.

Denizli Vocational School of Health Services continues to train its students as qualified professionals in the health sector by equipping them not only academically but also practically. The visits organized within this framework are an important step in preparing students for business life by increasing their knowledge and experience in the field of elderly care.
Within the scope of the visits organized to strengthen the education and internship processes of the students, DSHMYO faculty members visited Private Denizli İlkbahar Elderly Care Home and its founder Serkan Aktaş, Private Umut Dünyam Elderly Care Home and its founder Avni Şirin and Responsible Manager Merve Öz. They also visited Denizli Nursing Home Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center under the Ministry of Family and Social Services of the Republic of Turkey and its director Sema Aydın.

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