Conference on Combating Substance Abuse at Honaz Vocational School


Pamukkale University Honaz Vocational School organized a conference on combating substance abuse with the theme "Don't be addicted, be free".

The conference, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey, Turkey Drug and Drug Addiction Monitoring Center, was held in Honaz Vocational School Conference Hall, and the event was attended by the school administration, faculty members and students.

Denizli Police Department Narcotics Branch Directorate Assistant Commissioner Cemil Özdemir and Police Officer Aslı Karaoğlan were the speakers at the conference; With the awareness of "Drug-Free Society will be the work of all of us", information and awareness-raising presentations were made about raising awareness in the fight against drugs within the scope of the "Narco-Guide" and "Best Narcotics Police Mother" project, the damages caused by drugs to society, early recognition of the use of drugs without becoming addicted to drugs in order to prevent the use of addictive substances by children and young people, reintegration of addicted individuals into society, how to contact law enforcement officers through the UYUMA (Don't Sleep) notification program.

After the speeches, Prof. Dr. Hülya Kabakçı Karadeniz, Director of Honaz Vocational School, stated that the prevention of substance use and the fight against narcotic crimes is very important and that she thought that the conference organized to raise awareness in the fight against drugs would contribute to the students and presented a certificate of appreciation to the speakers Assistant Commissioner Cemil Özdemir and Police Officer Aslı Karaoğlan.

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