A Call for Cooperation in the Field of Shoemaking from Uganda to PAU

PAU, which aims to keep the handicrafts that have an important place in Denizli culture alive in the new education programs it will open, received a cooperation call from Uganda in the field of shoemaking. In this context, Uganda's Ambassador to Ankara Stephen Mubiru and his accompanying team met with Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç.

Uganda's Ambassador to Ankara Stephen Mubiru and Chief Secretary of the Embassy Julius Mwijusya met with Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç. Acıpayam Vocational School Director Inst. Senem Tüfekçi and Yesilyuva Shoemakers Cooperative President Arif Alagöz were present at the meeting. With the cooperation of PAU with Makerere University, Uganda's largest and most established university, and other universities in different fields, the student admission criteria for Ugandan students to study at PAU were discussed. The delegation, which aims to spread shoemaking as a craft in Uganda, stated that they want to benefit from Denizli's deep-rooted culture in this field and the academic experience of PAU. 

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