'Touch Life' Exhibition Opened at PAU Hospitals


'Touch Life' photo exhibition was opened at Pamukkale University (PAU) Hospitals within the scope of April 1-7 Cancer Week activities.

The exhibition, which was held in the PAU Hospitals Exhibition Hall, was opened by PAU Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Osman İsmail Özdel, PAU Hospitals Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Onur Birsen, Head of Medical Oncology Department Prof. Dr. Gamze Gököz Doğu. Many healthcare professionals and citizens receiving treatment at PAU Hospitals attended the opening of the exhibition.
In the exhibition titled 'Touch Life', which was opened, 19 patients were worked with and there are 23 photographs in total. PAU Hospitals Oncology Nurse Fatmana Oytun gave the following information about the photographs she took: "Cancer has become one of the most important health problems in our country over the years with its incidence, diagnosis, treatment and social-economic aspects. In addition to our role as a treatment provider, our goal with my photography exhibition titled "Touch Life", which I have completed with the support of the staff of the Medical Oncology Department to support treatment, including patients and their relatives, is to reveal, support and immortalize the strengths of oncology patients in their fight against this disease. I am a nurse. In this process, I am here with my other profession as a photographer. The most sublime task of photography is to tell the human being to someone else and to immortalize the moment. This is what I wanted from my patients: to share their happy, peaceful and precious moments by immortalizing them with a photo frame. I would like to thank my nineteen patients who believed in me and took this journey with me during this difficult disease process."

After the opening ceremony, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Osman İsmail Özdel presented a certificate of appreciation to PAU Hospitals Oncology Nurse Fatmana Oytun who organized the 'Touch Life' exhibition.
The exhibition titled 'Touch Life', which was opened in PAU Hospitals Exhibition Hall, will be open to visitors between April 1-7.

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