Successful Surgery from PAU Hospital Thoracic Surgery

Adem Tatık, 44, who applied to the Thoracic Surgery Department at PAU Hospital, was discharged in good health after the successful operation.

Head of Thoracic Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Ümit Aydoğmuş made statements about the surgery; "We detected a mass of 29 cm in diameter on the lateral side of the right rib cage in our 44-year-old male patient who applied with complaints of pain and swelling. In our investigations, it was found to be a malignant tumor called Ewing's sarcoma. It had protruded from 5 ribs in his rib cage. In surgery; the mass and the right diaphragm covered by the mass were removed along with 5 ribs. An artificial chest wall was created instead of the ribs, and the opening caused by the removal of the diaphragm was repaired with a patch. The mass weighed approximately 6 kg. Our patient recovered well after extensive surgery. Such large surgeries can be successfully completed in experienced centers. I would like to thank my colleagues on our surgical team here, Dr. Güldane Sarıoğlu, Dr. Mustafa Mekeci and Plastic Surgery Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Enver Arpacı. The luck of our patient was that despite the large size of the mass, it did not spread out of the region.

Prof. Dr. Aydoğmuş reminded our citizens not to underestimate the pain in the chest cavity, and specifically stated that early diagnosis of cancer saves lives.

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