Stroke Center Opened at PAU Hospital

Stroke is a condition that can lead to loss of consciousness, paralysis and inability to speak due to a clot that settles in the cerebral arteries. The origin of the clot may be the heart (altered heart valves or arrhythmia) or the carotid artery.

Stroke Center Responsible Physician Prof. Dr. Eylem Değirmenci made the following statements on the subject: There are approximately 200,000 stroke cases in Turkey each year. Visual loss, speech disorder, and numbness/weakness in the arms/legs, which are described as transient ischemic attacks, persist for a few minutes and resolve, are warning signs for the future.
Relatives of patients should apply to the hospital without losing time when they suspect a stroke. Following are the treatment steps to be applied to the patient after brain computed tomography and MRI performed under emergency conditions for diagnosis:

-Administration of clot-dissolving drugs into the vein (tPA application)

-Reaching the brain vessels with a needle inserted through the groin and removing the clots

-Co-administration of both treatments.

If the patient has applied to the emergency department within 4.5 hours after the stroke developed, intravenous clot-dissolving drugs are administered to the patient. Conditions such as the patient's high blood pressure and previous cerebral hemorrhage prevent the use of this drug.

PAU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan said: “These are treatments that are needed not only by our citizens living in Denizli but also in the surrounding provinces. We are happy to have added a new unit to our PAU Hospitals, which maintains the principle of performing all treatments with the latest technology medical devices and the most up-to-date methods by specialist physicians in their fields." 

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