'Philosophy for Children (P4C) Camp' at PAU


“My Journey to Learning by Imagining and Thinking”: Philosophy for Children (P4C) Camp has started at Pamukkale University.

“My Journey to Learning by Imagining and Thinking” supported by 4004 TÜBİTAK Nature Education and Science Schools: Philosophy for Children (P4C) Camp will end with the exhibition and closing ceremony to be held at 10.30 in the Foyer Area of ​​the Faculty of Education on September 10th.

Advocating the opinion of Mathew Lipman, the founder of Philosophy for Children (P4C), Project Coordinator Lect. Dr. Hasret Kökten stated that depending on the philosophical inquiry activity that will be started at a young age, children can develop critical and creative thinking and collaborative working skills, and thus, they can develop expressive skills as well as systematic thinking.

Project Specialist Dr. Esin Turan Güllaç, on the other hand, stated that they determined the 4th grade students as the target audience, based on the “Philosophy for Children (P4C)” approach, which is an example of thinking education. Dr. Güllaç explained the aim of the project as developing children's critical, questioning and creative thinking skills from a young age in cooperation.

For detailed information about “My Journey to Learning by Imagining and Thinking”: Philosophy for Children (P4C) Camp, which will be held between 29 August 2022 – 03 September 2022 and 05 September 2022 – 10 September 2022, you can follow www.pau.edu.tr/tubitakp4ckampiinternet and @pautubitakp4c Instagram account. 

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