PAUSBED Rises in the Rankings


Pamukkale University Journal of Social Sciences Institute (PAUSBED); rose in rank 9th from 17th in Turkish Publishing Journals; and it rose from the 7th rank to the 4th rank in the Turkish University Journals ranking, and from the 2nd rank to the 1st rank in the Turkish University Institutes Journals list.

According to the h-index update of Google Metrics, which is the Google Scholar module, every year in July, the 2023 July report has been published. According to the current report published, PAUSBED; The h-index value showed that it has increased its momentum in recent years, based on the relevant analysis. Analysis showed that the h-index value of the journal was h17 in July 2022; In the July 2023 report, the index value rose to h19. The said score increase also brought an increase in the academic journal rankings of the journal.

PAUSBED ranked 9th from 17th in Turkish Journals; Ranked 4th from 7th in the ranking of Turkish University Journals; It rose to the 1st place from the 2nd place in the list of Turkish University Institutes Journals. In the ranking of PAU journals bearing the phrase Pamukkale University in its name, it maintained its place in the 1st place according to its h-index value.

The H-index is an index that reveals that an academic or an academic publication has h publications that have received at least h citations. Access to relevant score data and journal list searches were carried out via Google Scholar Metrics dated July 20, 2023 (

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