PAU Hospital Received an Award in Oral Presentation


The project prepared by PAU Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Department Faculty Members Prof. Dr. Erkan Alatas and Dr.Soner Gök received an award in the oral presentation

Dr. Gök said: “In this study, we examined a medicated spiral, which is one of the current methods, in the treatment of menorrhagia (too much menstrual bleeding), which is seen at a very high rate in women of reproductive age, reducing the quality of life and is also the most common cause of anemia (low blood value) in women in this age group. We investigated the effects on women's ovarian reserves, that is, on fertility. When we compared the parameters before the treatment and at the 6th month of the treatment, we observed a significant increase in the low blood values of this group of patients and the positive effects of this treatment on fertility." 

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