PAU Hospital Awarded for the Fourth Time


After the years 2015-2019-2021, PAU Hospital Department of Thoracic Surgery was deemed worthy of the oral presentation award for the 4th time at the "National Lung Health Congress" this year.

Head of Thoracic Surgery Department at PAU Hospital, Assoc. Dr. Ümit Aydoğmuş made the following statements about the award they received: "As a preferred center in the region, we are proud that our scientific studies are deemed worthy of an award for the 4th time. In our recent study, we investigated the incidence of early diagnosis and surgical cure of tumors in the rib cage, which increased in the Covid 19 pandemic. Due to the fact that the frequency of chest X-rays has increased about three times with the Covid pandemic, the diagnosis of diseases such as tumors and cancer has increased without any symptoms. In this way, the number of closed surgeries that can be performed in early stage diseases has also increased. As the thoracic surgery team, we are happy to continue our scientific studies while trying to heal our patients."
Thanking his friends Dr. Gökhan Öztürk and Lecturer Argün Kış, Halil Sevimli, Nazire Nagihan Yağın Türkmen and Eren Zenci continuing their work devotedly, Assoc. Dr. Aydoğmuş stated that they will continue to serve patients with innovations as PAU Hospital.

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