PAU Faculty Member Develops Superconductive Quantum Processor


Pamukkale University Advanced Technology Application and Research Center (PAU ILTAM) Lecturer and founder of ELDe Technology, one of the Pamukkale Technocity companies, Lecturer Süleyman Şahin Çelik developed a Superconductive Quantum Processor.

Lecturer Çelik gave the following information about the Superconductive Quantum Processor he developed as a result of his studies: "As a result of our experiments on the Superconductive Quantum Processor technology, which I have been working on for about 10 years, we produced the 7-Qbit superconducting processor core, version 1.2 as a 7-core 49-Qbit Superconducting Quantum Processor. The most important feature of the processor operating at liquid nitrogen (77 Kelvin) temperature is that it operates at a high frequency speed of 1.0 Terahertz. The ability to operate at such a high frequency is realized thanks to a superconducting oscillator we have developed. As a result of the tests completed, the Superconducting Quantum Processor we produce completes the calculation process that the existing computers do in 3.5 years in less than 1 day. Thanks to the closed-circuit helium cooling system we plan to install, we plan to make our Superconducting Quantum Processor computer continuously operational and make it available for scientific calculations. I wish Allah's mercy to my late teacher Prof. Dr. Veysel Kuzucu, who helped and supported me in my studies on this subject. I would also like to thank our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Necip ATAR for his help in our studies."

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