Over A Thousand Children Attended PAU's 23rd April Festival


While more than a thousand children and their families were experiencing the joy of April 23, in the festival called "There is a Festival in PAU Children" organized by PAU Children's University with the support of institutions, associations and communities, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç also toured the stands with his wife and daughter. He shared the happiness of the children.

The festival was organized with the support of Turkey Denizli Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Denizli Bar Association Youth Assembly, Denizli Bar Association Children's Rights Commission, Denizli Down Syndrome Association, Hazar Rocket Team, Gökpusu Team, PAU Classroom Teaching Community, PAU Law Society, PAU Social Studies Community, PAU Special Education Community and Saadet Teacher Association for Fighting Child Abuse. Children had fun and learned at the festival, which included Solar Telescope, Galileoscope, Planetarium, Astronaut Show, Rocket Launching, Science Experiment Workshops, Face Painting, Foam Printing Workshop, Sack Games, Rope Pulling Games, Egg Transport Games, Dances and Marbling Workshop. 

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