On Islandless Seas Exhibition Opened at PAU Hospital


Pamukkale University Denizli Vocational School of Technical Sciences Design Department Fashion Design Program faculty member Dr. Nurcan Kutlu opened her personal exhibition titled “On Islandless Seas II” at Pamukkale University Hospital Exhibition Hall between 13-19 October 2022.

In the clothing design exhibition prepared within the scope of 'Wearable Art', the dilemma between the perception of time and space and life is explained with color, texture and form. After the 'On Islandless Seas I' exhibition, this time the color blue is predominantly used in the second exhibition. The blue color in the designs is interpreted with all the tones and textures of Pamukkale travertines, which are the rich historical and visual value of the city, and free surface arrangements by using shibori technique, sewing and embroidery techniques. By using locally woven Buldan silk, the designer experiences to establish a relationship between plain forms and today.

The exhibition will be open until Wednesday, October 19th.

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