May 5, 2023 World Hand Hygiene Day


'World Hand Hygiene Day' is celebrated every year on May 5. The 2023 goal of this global campaign, set by the World Health Organization, is to bring people together to support hand hygiene in improving healthcare, thereby having a positive impact on the quality of patient care and patient safety in all areas of the healthcare system.

PAU Hospital Infectious Diseases Department Dr. Suna Seçil Öztürk Deniz made statements about Hand Hygiene Day; Health care-associated infections, which are one of the factors that threaten patient safety, are mostly infections caused by resistant organisms, harming patients, visitors and healthcare workers and bringing significant burdens to the health system. Hand hygiene is one of the common goals that can protect people from these infections and antimicrobial resistance and help save lives. Hand hygiene and cleanliness is not only a sign of respect for health care recipients, but also facilitates the work of health care providers. Performing hand hygiene at the right time and in the right way during health care delivery saves millions of lives every year and provides significant savings in health expenditures.

The World Health Organization says, "Accelerate action together. SAVE LIVES: Wash your hands!" invites everyone to be part of the global movement to improve hand hygiene and aims to 'bring people together' to support improved hand hygiene worldwide. One life can be saved today, but if we act together, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved worldwide in the future. It is crucial that governments, health institutions and civil society organizations work together and support individuals. Ensuring accessibility to hand hygiene products in health care facilities, the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers or hand washing with soap and water by health care workers, patients and visitors will mean safer hands, improved quality of health care and more lives saved.

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Murat Özban said that the more everyone is after their own infection, the lower the rates will be and thanked everyone who contributed to minimizing the infection in our hospital.

At the end of the event, the infection control team gave certificates of appreciation to the units and individuals who succeeded in the informed hand hygiene observations.

Let's come together, wash our hands, SAVE LIVES!

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