Heart Rate Regulated at PAU Hospital


A 41-year-old patient, Cahit Erim, was admitted to Pamukkale University Hospital Cardiology Department due to low heart rate. The faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samet Yılmaz successfully operated the patient.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samet Yılmaz said: “When our patient applied to our hospital, his heart rate was 46 per minute. The heart rate of the patient, who had previously applied to other hospitals, could not be increased with medication. Electrophysiological study and ablation therapy was successfully applied to our patient, who was recommended to have a pacemaker. Around our heart are clusters of nerves called ganglia that control our heart rate. Excessive functioning of these nerves activates the system we call the parasympathetic system and causes a significant decrease in heart rate. The heart rate increases dramatically after these nerves are located and burned by giving heat energy from the inner part of the heart. This procedure is applied with a high success rate, especially in patients with increased parasympathetic system activity. When we performed this procedure on our patient, the heart rate increased up to 80 beats per minute. The pacemaker need of our patient has disappeared completely. I am pleased to perform this process for the first time at our hospital in Denizli although it has been applied for a certain time in the world and in numbered centers in Turkey."


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