Codes Drills Held at PAU Hospital

Pamukkale University Hospitals Disaster Management Unit carried out 5 drills related to Code White, Blue, Pink, Red and Orange with the participation of all hospital staff in charge of the drills.

In the practices carried out in accordance with the drill scenarios; how the personnel should act in the face of emergency situations was successfully practiced. The scenarios of attacking a healthcare worker in the "Code White" application, initiating medical intervention to a life-threatening patient with respiratory arrest in the "Code Blue" application, kidnapping a baby in the "Code Pink" application, extinguishing the flames started by throwing a lit cigarette in the garbage in the "Code Red" application and spilling chemical hazardous waste in the "Code Orange" application were realized. As a result of the devoted efforts of the staff, it was seen that the trainings given before were beneficial.

CBRN Department Quality Responsible Lecturer Canan Ertunç Arslan made the following statement about code orange: "Since Denizli is an industrial city, the possibility of an event involving chemical hazards is high. As a health institution, we are aware that we must be ready at any time against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear incidents that may occur. For this reason, it is of great importance that our teams keep their knowledge fresh for both large and small-scale incidents and exhibit error-free behavior as much as possible in real events. In our drills, which we prepare meticulously, we have the chance to identify our deficiencies and complete them with trainings."

Quality Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çelik and Deputy Hospital Director İsmail Alpay also announced the start of work on the General Drills to be held in mid-November and thanked all the employees who contributed. 

The Code Drills required to be carried out within the scope of Health Quality Standards/Disaster and Emergency Management were carried out under the control of Hospital Disaster Plan (HAP) President Prof. Dr. Onur Birsen and each drill was successfully carried out.

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