Children Loved Vantrologue Çiğdem Çelebi and Marmalade


Ventrologist Çiğdem Çelebi and Marmalade were brought together with the children receiving treatment at the event held in the Pediatric Health and Diseases Inpatient Service at Pamukkale University (PAU) Hospitals as part of the World Kidney Day.

PAU Hospitals Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Selçuk Yüksel drew attention to kidney health and also emphasized the importance of organ transplantation. He advised children to drink plenty of water to protect their kidney health. Prof. Dr. Yüksel continued his words as follows: “We attach great importance to such activities in order to raise morale while providing health services to our patients. In this sense, this show has been one of the best events we have organized for us. We would always like to host ventriloquist Çiğdem Çelebi and Marmalade again to meet our children who are being treated at the Child Health and Diseases Clinic of our University Hospitals.”

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