PAU Gölbahçe Cleaned with the Support of Volunteer Students


Pamukkale University Animal Understanding Society and Young Green Crescent Student Societies also supported the arrangement and cleaning works carried out by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department, DESKİ and Pamukkale University Construction and Technical Department.

Within the scope of the cleaning works, the students first moved 6 turtles, 2 frogs and more than 1,300 fish living in the lake to another area. PAU Construction and Technical Department staff, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department staff, DESKİ and volunteer students removed the pollution in the lake with the help of vacuum trucks and washed the lake with tankers. In addition to the works that lasted for 10 days, the sprinkler engines and the lighting systems of the lake were renewed. The mill was overhauled and painted.

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