Pamukkale University Clinical Research and Application Center (PÜKAM) Starts Operations


With the publication of its regulation in the official gazette on October 4, 2021, PÜKAM was officially established. PAU Faculty of Medicine faculty member Prof. Dr. Semin Fenkci was appointed as the center director, PAU Faculty of Medicine faculty members Prof. Dr. Gamze Gököz Doğu and Assoc.Prof.Tuğba Sari were appointed as deputy directors of the center.

Prof.Dr.Semin Fenkci gave information about clinical research, the center and its activities:

Clinical research is defined as scientific work carried out with the participation of volunteers and aimed at obtaining medical knowledge. It is important to demonstrate that newly released drugs are effective and safe in humans. With the help of clinical studies, we find answers to some of our questions such as whether the treatment works, which doses are suitable for treatment, and what are the possible side effects. At the same time, we see whether new treatments are better than existing drugs and learn more about existing treatments through clinical trials.

Clinical studies are very important for patients' early access to drugs, especially in vital diseases such as Oncology patients.

As it is known, national and international clinical studies (Phase 2,3,4 and observational drug studies) for many years have been carried out in different internal sciences within the PAU Hospital Faculty of Medicine, many patients have been enabled to benefit from these treatments. These studies have been carried out under the responsibility of the faculty members who experienced and have received Good Clinical Practices training and there are still many ongoing studies.

One of the largest centers in the Aegean Region, PAU Medical Faculty Hospital is a center with a high number of patients in different therapeutic areas. Our aim is to carry out these research from a single center, to operate the contract processes more effectively and in a controlled manner, to be involved in more clinical research projects in national and especially international platforms, and to contribute to our university and the country's economy.

We would like to express our gratitude and respect to our esteemed rector Prof.Dr.Ahmet Kutluhan and  Prof.Dr.Serhat Unal from Hacettepe University, who pioneered the establishment of Pamukkale University Clinical Research and Application Center, hoping that it will give a great impetus to our country and our university in terms of Clinical Research.

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