'Lara Barış (Peace)', whose treatment was completed at DEKAMER, Meets with Sea Again


The sea turtle injured as a result of swallowing plastic, after 1.5 years of treatment at DEKAMER and the installation of a satellite tracking device, was released back to the sea from the Antalya Lara Barut Collection Beach with the participation of PAU Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan and the relevant people. While expressing that as PAU, we are open to all kinds of cooperation on the protection of natural life, Prof. Dr. Kutluhan wished that Lara Barış would bring peace to all the coasts it reached and to the whole world.

The sea turtle named Lara Barış, whose treatment was completed by the Sea Turtles Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (DEKAMER), was released into the sea from the beach of Lara Barut Collection Hotel, who undertook the treatment and installation of a satellite tracking device.

Speaking to the guests about the treatment process of the sea turtle, Prof. Dr. Yakup Kaska said that the sea turtle was found sluggish on the seashore, and that they found plenty of plastic in its intestines. Stating that he also had wounds on the neck, Prof. Dr. Kaska stated that they first cleaned the plastic in his intestines with medication. He added that the sea turtle has now regained its health and started to dive again. Stating that they prefer to release sea turtles, whose treatments have been completed, back to the sea from the closest coast to the region they are in, in order to raise awareness on this issue in the regions where they are injured; Prof. Dr. Yakup Kaska conveyed his thanks to the relevant organizations that contributed to the delivery of the turtle to them, and to the management of Lara Barut Collection Hotel, who undertook the treatment costs.

Regarding the subject, Lara Barut Collection Quality Manager Gülbahar Ölmez reminded that they attach great importance to the protection of nature and social responsibility, and on this day where the sea turtle named Lara Barış was brought together with the seas again, PAU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan conveyed his thanks to the guests and nature lovers. Stating that they want to do much more than protecting their nests on the beaches for sea turtles, Ölmez said that they were informed about the work of DEKAMER as a result of the research, and expressed his pleasure to be involved in this project, in cooperation with Pamukkale University and DEKAMER, as Lara Barut Collection.

Rector Kutluhan: “We are ready for any kind of cooperation on zero waste and wildlife protection”

Witnessing Lara Barış's meeting with the sea, Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, in his statement to the press, said: “Pamukkale University is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. DEKAMER also carried out important works in this 30-year period. Today, we witnessed one of the successes of this center together. The turtle was injured as a result of ingesting plastic waste and his internal organs were damaged; On behalf of my University, I am happy that our 30-year-old sea turtle, who has been treated for 1.5 years, is meeting with the sea again. Within the body of Pamukkale University DEKAMER, headquartered in Dalyan, sick and injured sea turtles that reach the seas of our country from different waters of the world are treated. As a doctor, I share the happiness of a recovering patient. Today I am twice as happy. Today, we are taking the first step of our university's 30th anniversary celebrations here. Lara Barut Group has made a great contribution by covering the treatment costs of our turtle and the installation of the satellite tracking device; they performed exemplary behavior. On behalf of my university and DEKAMER, I would like to thank them very much. As you know, 20 July is the anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation. As our University, we give our sea turtle Lara the surname Barış (which means peace in Turkish), which was named Lara by the Lara Barut Group. I hope that Lara Barış, who will go to different parts of the world, will bring peace to the whole world. Pamukkale University is one of the leading universities in zero waste. It continues its leadership in the protection of wildlife. In this regard, we are ready for all stakeholder relations and cooperation. We are on the side of protecting natural life. We are ready to do everything we can for this.”

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