"January 7-14 White Cane Week for the Visually Impaired" and "PAU AMATEM Addiction Awareness" Activities


On the occasion of January 7-14 White Cane Visually Impaired Week, Turkey Goalball Women's National Team players PCG Department student Şeydanur Kaplan, PAU Coaching Department student Berfin Altan, Former Goalball National Team coach Hüseyin Atmaca and PAU Music Education Department student Bayram Çağ paid a meaningful visit to Pamukkale University Psychiatry Department AMATEM Clinic.

The team was welcomed with applause and Turkish flags during their visit within the scope of "January 7-14 White Cane Week for the Visually Impaired" and "PAU AMATEM addiction awareness activities". They set an example to the patients receiving inpatient treatment at AMATEM with their difficult life stories, how they turned their disabilities, which they previously saw as disadvantages, into advantages, their efforts and successes to take part in life with hope.

The event, which was attended with great interest by our patients, started with a music concert by our student saz player Bayram Çağ. In the interview part of the event, Turkey Goalball Women's National Team athletes Şeydanur Kaplan and Berfin Altan, who are the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championship World Champions, gold medalists at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and 2021 European Goalball Champions, and former Goalball national team coach Hüseyin Atmaca shared their achievements and the difficulties they experienced with our patients. At the end of the interview, the handmade products of AMATEM patients were presented to our athletes and students as a thank you gift for their support to the AMATEM clinic.

In the event, in addition to drawing attention to the success of our visually impaired students, who are the pride of Denizli and Pamukkale University, it was pointed out that sports and artistic activities are a way of coping that connects people to life, facilitates the struggle against difficulties, and plays an important role in combating addiction by increasing sociability and self-confidence.

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