4-Year Efforts of Little Artists Showcased at PAU


Istiklal Fitnat Ahmet Engin Primary School 4/A class students' painting and ceramic-mosaic stone painting decoration works of four years were showcased in the exhibition held at the Faculty of Education.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kısaç who closely examined the works at the opening of the exhibition called Görsel ESİNtiler-4 (Visual Inspirations) and received information about the works from the Class Teacher Esin Kuşçu, took a close interest in the students.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yerli: "In these studies, I saw how students can combine their imaginations with their talents with the right educational approach. Among them were works of original and artistic value. Our teacher gave her students an ideal art education. I wanted the students of the Faculty of Education to see how good results can be achieved with an effort and a correct approach, and I wanted this art education to set an example for them for the future. That's why we decided to open our exhibition at the Faculty of Education. After 5-6 months of work, we gave our exhibition its final shape. I would like to thank the valuable guests who participated in our exhibition."

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