Rector Kutluhan Meets with the Teams Successfully Representing PAU at TECHNOFEST'23


Pamukkale University (PAU) Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan met with the finalist teams representing Pamukkale University at TECHNOFEST'23 and their advisors.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, along with Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Necip Atar, Prof. Dr. M. Ensar Yeşilyurt, Pamukkale Teknokent Acting General Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. İsmail Ovalı, administrative managers, team advisors, faculty members and team member students attended the program held at PAU Central Dining Halls Orange Hall.

Rector Kutluhan: "Our teams, which have already achieved success once, need to progress further on that path"

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, who stated that the support for the competing students will increase and that Pamukkale University will help them with the issues they need, stated the following in his speech at the program:  "We want more participation in the next TEKNOFEST competitions. It is of great importance for us that our teams progress, the second one becomes the first one, and the one who cannot enter the ranking enters the ranking. Our teams, which have already made their way to success, need to progress further on that path. Let's give them and their counselors team and equipment support. The other issue is that there were 49 teams this year, but we made it to the finals with 12 teams. Last year we made it to the finals with 25 teams. The higher the number of teams we make it to the finals, the higher the rate at which we receive awards. TEKNOFEST has gained an international dimension. As the number of teams and projects increases with the international dimension, we expect the quality to improve and increase. This is my opinion about the teams that have made progress. After all, it is very important for us that these 12 teams, which have reached the finals with our teachers, will also reach the finals next year."

In the program, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Necip Atar gave an informative speech to the students about the support of the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit (BAP) and the related conditions.

As invited participants in the program, 12 teams and their advisors representing Pamukkale University in the final competitions at TEKNOFEST'23; members and advisors of Team Hazar, Turkey Winner of Vertical Landing Rocket Competition at 2023 TEKNOFEST; members and advisors of Team ATAY, who won the Board Special Award with their project named ALATAY in the Electric Vehicle Competition at 2023 TEKNOFEST; members and advisors of the 8th Istanbul International Invention Fair (ISIF'23), organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST competitions. Istanbul International Invention Fair (ISIF'23) invention competitions organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST competitions; Dr. Osman Yeler, who won the gold medal with his invention "A Thermoelectric Heat Pump for Incubators"; Inventors who won the silver medal with their invention "Nano-Doped Biopolymer Fire Extinguisher Balls" in ISIF'23 invention competition Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arzum Işıtan and Dr. Faculty Member Mine Sulak; and Prof. Dr. Harun Reşit Güngör, who won the bronze medal with his invention "A Spacer Block for Revision Total Knee Arthoplasty" in the invention competition.

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