Water and Environmental Problems Discussed at PAU


Pamukkale University Water and Environmental Problems Application and Research Center (ÇESUMER) organized a seminar titled "Evaluation of Climate Change in Local, National and International Dimensions."

After the opening speeches, the program continued with seminars. The first presentation was made by PAU Environmental Engineering Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Sibel Çukurluoğlu's presentation on the Definition and Importance of Climate Change. Assoc. Dr. Çukurluoğlu scientifically discussed the factors that cause climate change, which is in the direction of warming and cooling, and how these factors arise.

The second presentation at the seminar was made by Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Meteorology, Sectoral Applications Branch. Dr. Serhat Şensoy made a presentation on the Analysis of Long Term Climate Data of Turkey and Denizli. In his speech, Şensoy discussed the change in temperature averages over the years, and said that between 1981 and 2010, the annual average temperature was 13.5 degrees in Celsius, and 2021 was the 4th hottest year of the last 40 years with an average of 14.9 degrees in Celsius. In the continuation of his speech, noting that there were 1,24 extreme meteorological events in 2021, Dr. Serhat Şensoy stated that there has been an increasing trend in the number of extreme meteorological disasters in the last two decades. Discussing the climate and temperature data of Denizli in the continuation of his speech, Dr. Serhat Şensoy stated that there has been a significant increase in the annual average temperature in Denizli in recent years.

The seminar continued with the presentation of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department Head Ramazan Değirmenci titled Denizli Province Action Plan on Climate Change. In his presentation, Değirmenci pointed out that Denizli may change from a semi-arid and semi-humid climate to an arid climate according to the climate projection, and conveyed the work they will do as an institution until 2030, according to the prepared action plan.

The seminar continued with the presentation of Fatma Tok and Aygün Aktaş from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey, entitled National Dimension in Climate Change.

The last of the presentations was on the International Dimension in Climate Change, made by the 27th Term Denizli Deputy Ahmet Yıldız. Underlining that countries that have a share in climate change must also take part in developing solution proposals, Yıldız stated that climate change is a universal issue and causes sociological problems such as human migration. He added that Turkey continues to work on this issue with the goal of 'zero emissions by 2053'.

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