Turkey's First Forest School Project from PAU

The first 'Forest School' project supported by TÜBİTAK Science and Society Department, Adventure Begins in Nature 'Forest School', was held with the participation of PAU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan and related parties.

In her speech at the opening, Project Manager Assoc. Dr. Fatma Taşkın Ekici said: “To love nature is to love people. To adopt and internalize nature is to see yourself as a part of it realizing that they are parts of a whole. After the environmental problems started to become visible in our world, the forests became the first focus of the environmental orientation, emphasizing that education is not stuck in the four walls, every place is an education area, and every moment is education time, especially in crowded cities, the time that children spend with nature is getting narrower and the interaction between children and nature is decreasing. In the seven-day project, many workshops and activities such as First Aid Training, We Green Plastics, The Rhythm of Green from Root to Leaf, Hello Buddy Bugs, Let's Get to Know Wildlife Inhabitants, Design Biomimicry in Nature, Monoprint Design Sustainability will be held.”

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