Traditional Welcome Event Organized for Sarayköy Vocational School Students


Sarayköy Vocational School students started the 2023-2024 academic year with the traditional "Welcome" event organized jointly by Sarayköy Vocational School and Sarayköy Municipality.

In the "Welcome" event organized by Sarayköy Vocational School and Sarayköy Municipality, a dinner was organized on behalf of the newly enrolled students of Sarayköy Vocational School.

In the event organized; Sarayköy Mayor Mr. Ahmet Necati Özbaş and Vocational School Director Dr. Akif Demirçalı gave information to the students about the district and Vocational School.

Mayor Özbaş gave information about the opportunities offered by the district. Mayor Özbaş talked about what can be done on behalf of Sarayköy Municipality in order to meet the demands of the students and explained how correct the students' choices are. Vocational School Director Demirçalı informed the students about the general functioning and opportunities of the Vocational School.

It is reported that the traditional "Welcome" meetings are repeated at the beginning of each academic year with the support of Sarayköy Municipality and are welcomed by the students.

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