They Shared Their Sector Experiences with PAU Students


Pamukkale University Faculty of Tourism hosted Tui Hotels & Resorts group, one of the leading representatives of the tourism industry. TUI managers shared their tourism experiences with the students.

In the interview, General Manager Cemal Yıldız, Kitchen Coordinator Murat Akdemirci, HR Manager Mürüvvet Metin and F&B Manager İshak Solak shared their experiences in the sector. Tui Hotels & Resorts General Manager Cemal Yıldız listed his experiences in the sector with sections from his own life in his speech. By emphasizing the importance of foreign language learning for the sector, he gave tips that will create a great advantage for them in their career journeys.
Tui Hotels & Resorts HR Manager Mürüvvet Metin emphasized that especially the first impression is very important in the recruitment processes. Emphasizing that self-confidence, body language and communication skills are very effective in the recruitment processes, Kitchen Coordinator Murat Akdemirci gave very important information to the students who will plan their careers in the Kitchen section.

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