The Success of Caretta Caretta Babies Out of the Nest Investigated at PAU

PAU Department of Geography, within the scope of Physical Geography Research, under the coordination of Dr. Selahattin Akşit, within the framework of cooperation with DEKAMER, launched the study entitled “The effect of humidity and sand size on the success of Caretta caretta babies out of the nest” at Iztuzu Beach and Fethiye Calis Beaches."

Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty Member Dr. Selahattin Akşit, along with Research Assistant Cansu Duman gave the following information regarding the study with 8 department students: “The hourly data obtained through the air con station established in the field; climatic factors such as air, humidity, temperature, rainfall, wind are to be determined. Sand samples taken from caretta caretta nest in the first phase of the study will be analyzed in terms of particle size and moisture in the laboratory. In the second stage of the study, the correlation between the alive Caretta caretta baby output and the moisture and sand size rate of the hatchlings in the nests where sand samples were taken will be determined.”

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