The Importance of Myriakephalon Battle on the 846th Anniversary

With the joint contributions of Pamukkale University, Denizli Çivril Municipality and 1176 Association, a workshop was held in Çivril on the occasion of the 846th anniversary of the Myryokephalon War, which is important for Turkish-Islamic history.

The Battle of Myryokephalon, which took place between the Byzantine army and the Turkish Seljuks and ended with the victory of the Seljuks, ensured that Anatolia was a Turkish homeland and ended the hopes of Byzantium to expel the Turks from Anatolia. In the workshop, important information about the place, development and importance of the war was given and a road map was determined for what to do next. After the workshop, the team made a research trip to the Kufi Strait, where the war was thought to have taken place, and came together again to make conclusions and evaluations after the tour and emphasized that interdisciplinary projects should be carried out to determine the location of the war.

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