Tavas Vocational School Cookery Program Students Continue to Collect Medals


Pamukkale University (PAU) Tavas Vocational School (MYO) Cookery Program students became a source of great pride in the 28th AGEB Cuisine Competition.

The students of the Culinary Program, representing PAU, participated in the 28th AGEB Culinary Competition, organized by Antalya Gastronomy and Educators Union Association, one of the 32 associations affiliated to the Turkish Cooks Federation, and held in Antalya and attended by 14 universities; the team consisting of Mehmet Akkaya, Yavuz Öz and İrem Kılıç came in 2nd. In addition, two PAU Teams came in 3rd in the Golden Chef Competition, while Ahmet Genç, a student of PAU, who participated in the national team selections, came in 3rd. PAU student Ahmet Genç, who was selected to the national team, and all PAU teams that achieved a degree in the competition made Denizli and Pamukkale University Management very proud.

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