Social Responsibility Projects from PAU Students


Within the scope of Organization Management, Community Service Practices and Project courses, 13 different social responsibility projects were carried out under the management of Assoc. Dr. Uğur Sönmezoğlu and Dr. Hamza Kaya Beşler by students of PAU Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Sports Management.

Assoc. Dr. Uğur Sönmezoğlu said: “Our students donated food to stray animals and carried out voluntary work, in addition to providing educational materials, clothing, sports equipment, within the scope of Organization Management, Community Service Practices and Project courses. To share a few of our works, a Table Tennis table was given as a gift to Eskiköy Primary School in Acıpayam district of Denizli. 30 food and water bowls were donated to the Animal Shelter in Aydın's Nazilli district. In addition, 100 handbooks were distributed to inform people living in Nazilli Yeni Mahalle about animal rights. Food was donated to the Stray Animals Shelter, Rehabilitation and Natural Life Park in Denizli.We and our students helped the soup kitchen staff as much as we could, once a week for four weeks, in every work done in the kitchen, voluntarily, during the preparation and service processes of these aids in Pasvak Soup Kitchen, which provides two meals for those in need. We reached Uşak Martyr Ruhi Çetin Village School and did activities such as school painting and field drawing. Within the scope of "I Have a Brother Project", clothing and shoe donations given by volunteer donors were delivered to children who were victims of war in Denizli. The students also worked voluntarily in the gym at Gaziantep University Şahinbey Research and Application Hospital Community Mental Health Center. Our students tried to instill a sports awareness in the youth by giving basic football training to the youth in Çayarkent village of Korgan district of Ordu province.”



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