Rector Kutluhan Visits the Palestine Support Tents Set up at PAU


Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan and the accompanying delegation visited the tents set up by PAU students at Pamukkale University Kınıklı Central Campus in support of Palestine and the university protests around the world saying 'no' to genocide.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan and Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Necip Atar and Prof. Dr. Durmuş Akalın visited the tents set up on the lawn in front of Pamukkale University Rectorate Building and received information about the tents from the students.

Rector Kutluhan: “We will set up these tents to prove that we are against genocide by supporting universities around the world.”

Rector Kutluhan stated the following about the student tents established in Pamukkale University Kınıklı Central Campus: “The persecution of Palestine continues. Especially in the Gaza Strip, millions of people who are squeezed very tightly in the Rafah Region are wanted to be subjected to genocide again. The United Nations on one side and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the other side, but the most important development is that university students in America, England, other countries and Turkey are saying 'no' to this genocide. At this point, tent protests are being organized. We planned to hold this tent protest at our university this week (May 13-17). Each tent you see in this area has a purpose, such as our catering tent, our Palestine with questions tent, our prayer tent. There are also symbolically closed tents in the area. We will set up these tents to support universities around the world to prove that we are against genocide. Our young people are very excited. Pamukkale University expressed its opposition to this genocide with a very crowded march. With these tents, we continue our efforts to raise awareness of both people, students and people who visit the tents. I would like to thank our students who supported the establishment of these tents and the protests here. I hope we will have a successful protest.”

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