Rector Kutluhan: “The fire of struggle lit on May 15 will continue to burn”


Pamukkale University (PAU) Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan published a message on the occasion of "May 15th Denizli National Struggle Day". In his message, Rector Kutluhan, conveying his belief that the National Struggle fire that was lit on May 15, 1919 will continue to burn today and in the future, underlined that as PAU, they will continue their mission of "Producing University" with the determination and perseverance of those days. Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan made the following statements in his message:

"The people of Denizli, who live the determination of struggle they received from their ancestors in every aspect of their lives, continue to produce in different sectors from agriculture to industry and advanced technologies, and take an active role in the development moves of our country with its exports and tourism destinations. Continuing to produce and develop together with Denizli; our Pamukkale University, which draws its strength from these hardworking people with a high determination to struggle, should have no doubt that with that determination, that dedication and that belief in success on May 15, 1919, we continue to guide life by using science so that our city and country can come to a much better position than they are today.

With these feelings and thoughts, we commemorate especially our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who entrusted us with this country on the 103rd anniversary of May 15, 1919, the date of the National Struggle in Denizli, Mufti Ahmet Hulusi Efendi, who lit the torch of the National Struggle in our city with his fatwa, and our martyrs who gave their lives for the victory of the National Struggle with mercy, gratitude and respect. May their souls rest in peace and their place be in heaven.

Kind Regards”

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